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all right, it's been a very long week, hasn't it? but you have made it to tri-day friday, hoda woman. it's october 26th. we're so happy you're with us today. >> i have a lot of chest showing, i'm noticing. >> on you, honey, it looks good. modest and slim for tonight. she likes to think ahead. never thinks through, but she thinks ahead. all right, so we've talked about the subject before, but in restaurants people often have their cell phones, movie theaters, broadway shows, by the way, at your broadway show, ring, ring, i heard two. >> i know. >> happens, happened to us too. >> it happens. i got to fix that on my phone. i put it on off. >> that's what you claim. it happened the other day at rehearsal. i said i just turned the dang thing off. >> allegedly. >> dang, dang, dang. >> they have these things now -- oh! your name came up.
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>> okay. anyway, here's what you do in restaurants. they have a cell lockup. you lock your cell here in this cell thing, it's locked. now you can't get your cell phone out. >> until when, hell freezes over, when? >> set a timer. britt, please, call again. listen to my ring. let's forget all this. i love my ring. listen. very cool. it says britt. britney's calling. no one calls me. >> there's no room on the table for the bread, much less this thing. >> maybe it's where you would check your coat. anyway, it seemed like a good idea at the time. >> terrible idea. >> plastic and it's not great. >> who wants to program one more thing in your life? just turn it off, if you're able to on your phone. if you're having lunch with somebody that is not worth being interrupted for, you got to get new friends. >> i agree. >> you know what i mean? >> i have to say, even when people are texting, when you're
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at a movie and the cell phone is on, the light is on and texting, for some reason your eyes are always drawn to it, you're trying to watch the movie or show. but it's distracting. >> i was big on all this stuff before, both my children are now of a sudden now gone in california, and i'm just so hesitant to be unreachable. >> yeah, always want to have your phone nearby. >> that sort of changed my whole thing. i do go over to gallagher's on occasion when nobody else is there and make phone calls in the corner, but nobody else is around. check your space. if you're going to be bothering people, somebody trying to get engaged next to you, don't ask somebody on the phone if they are coming to dinner on friday. do you know how clueless people are to check their space? >> they don't check it. >> no idea, they are clueless. >> or in line on the grocery store, yeah, yeah, lady checks them out. hold on a second. no, no, pay attention to the person. >> one store now that charges
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automatically rings up $3 extra if you're on your cell phone. i like it. more importantly, sunday is national chocolate day. and so we thought we'd celebrate a little early. we won't be with you. thank you, godiva, for sending these absolutely gorgeous things. >> can i tell you something? >> these are chocolate. >> can i just say something? when i bite into chocolate, it is chemical. i can feel, seriously, i'm happier. this is so good. >> you start oozing endorphins. i can smell them from here. your endorphins. >> what are you talking about? >> apparently men are consuming chocolate more than ever. experts say they believe it's because they are doing what we women have been doing for years, comfort eating. >> comfort food. >> more and more men are stressed, bad economy, unemployment rising. >> i'm craving more and more lately mashed potatoes.
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anything comforting like that. >> more so than your beloved french fries? >> weird how a food gets into your system and it's chemical. >> when a guy's doing it and eating chocolate and craving it, it's weird. >> they are not pms-ing, so you wonder what's going on, right? >> yes, you do. >> they say men have some sort of an emotional cycle as well. >> i don't like talking about that. >> excuse me for boring you. you'll love this. a 20-year-old girl from, i believe, south america, right? >> brazilian woman. >> catalina auctioned off her virginity. >> all the guys are looking. >> to a man -- we believe it's a man, a japanese gentleman. she auctioned her virginity to a man who paid $780,000 for her. she said she did it because she wanted the money to go to a charity in her hometown of brazil to rebuild homes and things. that's why i did it the first time. [ laughter ] made sense at the time.
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you know, you grow, you learn. you would do the same thing again. but back then -- ♪ ♪ like a virgin touched for the very first time ♪ >> you are crazy. >> anyway, she did it. circumnavigate the prostitution laws. it's going to take place aboard a plane. would you turn your phone off, woman? >> it's karen. she says she's watching. just so you know. she's watching us. >> flying some place between australia and the u.s. the young woman says the auction is just business. i'm a romantic girl at heart and believe in love, but this will make a huge difference to my area. not that area. although -- she's right twice. [ laughter ] and this is the best part, all of you romantics out there. the story will be turned into a
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documentary so we can all learn from this and our lives will be so much more meaningful. >> oh, my gosh. unbelievable. unbelievable. >> first of all, who believes that gorgeous girl is still -- >> she might be. she's 20. she might be. >> you were 12, right? what happened? >> that's awful. let's move on to the dirty magazine story. >> not those kind of dirty magazines. the kind at a doctor's office. where you're going to get healthy. guess what? all those magazines sitting there for what, six months? >> they have collected a lot of germs. >> think about the number of people who are ill at the doctor's office who are in the waiting room hacking and coughing into their sleeve like they are supposed to, but still on their hands, flipping the pages, put it down, you pick them up. some of them have the plastic thing, the shield, whatever that's about. wipe it down maybe. anyway, the germs are all over those nasty magazines. >> you and i, people who don't even think about germs, we're
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never sick around here. >> we don't care. we don't care about gross germs. >> all you, you know who you are. >> over here. >> all the time -- >> all they think about is purel and checking things and wiping it off, cleaning it. windexing it. >> we have something to say to you all, wipe this. >> all right, here's a question we have for you. if you've ever gone to get waxed downstairs or lasered, do you speak to the person doing it or do you sit quietly and hope it gets over with quickly? i'd like someone having a conversation. i don't like to sit there. >> what are you going to talk about, social security? >> anything, doesn't even matter. it's so painful, that you have to be talking about something. >> what do you talk to her about? >> doesn't matter. anything, because you're not thinking about it, because it really hurts. >> i thought you were getting lasered. >> lasered is painful. it's really painful. i'm just saying.
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it's never over. i've gone back probably -- i thought they said it was a five time -- i keep going back. it's never over. anyway, most people say they don't like talking. what about you? you don't do it. >> how do you know what i do? i just think god's way is the best way most of the time, if you know what i'm saying. if there wasn't a reason for that stuff, it wouldn't be there. >> stop trying to get rid of it still looking for a halloween costume? bravo has a good idea. look like a real housewife. >> look at them there. i think that one's theresa. anyway, you can get the dress, wig, jewels. >> you have to make up your own accent depending on where those real housewives are from. it's $59.95 at you have to bring your own booze and you've got to -- ♪ >> all right, kids. >> they rehearsed that three times. >> we have a costume contest, if
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you're in our neighborhood, come by on wednesday, halloween, come out to the plaza. we're looking for the best hallowe'en costumes. we're going to reveal our hallowe'en costumes. >> it's always a huge, huge day around here. we keep it very, very secret. lots of surprises. hopefully, that hurricane sandy will be -- what do i have? >> nothing. i thought you had something, you don't. >> you gave me the look. >> i i thought you did. you don't. >> you're good, you don't have it. >> my nose, my teeth? >> not yet. should we talk to our girl? >> bobbie thomas! what do you got? >> i have fun new stuff. how many of us hate getting our nails done at the salon or painting them at home? then immediately when you're trying to wait for them to dry they get nicked? well, these are called nails in motion. you can see on my hands, they are little shields that you click on before you get your manicure. then after you're done, you turn them and these, i have to say, your nails do not hit. i tried them.
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they are amazing. >> what about when you're turning? >> it's got a guard inside. they are amazing, you can try them. >> i love it. >> oh, my gosh! >> another really smart invention by eyes, lips, face. see that, it's amazing, right? >> what's that? >> it's a shadow shield. you can hold it underneath to avoid getting all of the shadow down under your eyes. get raccoon eyes. it's perfect for halloween holiday season. this is a hot new launch. eyes, lip, face. >> do your eye makeup first? >> sometimes you want to get your concealer on and all that and do it last. if you put the powder on, you can mess up the blend on the edges. >> i was wondering about that. now i'm going to hold you to it. >> if you want to keep your glitter where it's supposed to be, these are by violent eyes, they are tattoo shadows for your eyes. you wet them after you cut and apply them but it's perfect shadow all on your eyes.
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they are very cool. all at >> thank you, bobbie thomas. i know you're dying for it, can't wait. it's kathie lee's friday funny! [ laughter ] thank you for the mercy laugh. from facebook fan, thank you so much. okay, a school girl comes home from school one day eating candy, when the mother asked where she got the candy, she says, bobby said he'd give me candy if i climbed the flag pole. hearing this time mother said to her daughter, honey, i do not want you to ever do that again! all bobby wants to do is see your underwear. the next day the girl comes home again eating candy. the mother scolds her, didn't i tell you never to do that again? how many times do i have to tell you? bobby just wants to see your underwear. to that, the little girl replies, i fooled you, i didn't wear any. [ laughter ] country music star, who is here? >> martina mcbride.
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>> we love her! >> she's going to tell us what she's been singing about right after this. ♪ questions?
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♪ it's a great song. four-time cma female vocalist of the year, martina mcbride, singing one of our favorite songs. "i'm going to love you through it." >> she has sold more than 18 million albums, including six number one songs. >> and we seem to have you at least once a year telling us about a number one song on the charts again. good to see you. you're in the middle of a big tour, right? >> we are. we're on a tour that kind of wraps up this next month, then we start our christmas tour. >> this song, "i'm going to love you through" was daring. because a lot of songs speak about illness in a certain way.
2:20 am
you flat-out said the word breast cancer, have a lot of cancer survivors in your video. >> you're in it, hoda woman. >> i came in and played with you too. what's it feel like when you're up on stage singing this song? >> that's what attracted me to the song, it's honest and real and doesn't sugar coat anything. comes from a true story. when i'm on stage, it's emotional, you know, singing somewhere the other night and all of a sudden groups of people just started standing up and holding each other. >> spontaneously. >> because they related to the song. it's a very emotional song to sing live. >> i was just going to ask you about you. you've got three children. two of them are girls or all three? . all three girls. >> chance of it, 1 in 8 women now, going to be diagnosed with breast cancer. once you have your own daughter, you start thinking about those kinds of things as well. >> absolutely. what's it like for you to be on the road so much and be away from your kids, martina? it must kill you.
2:21 am
>> my touring is -- we don't go out for weeks and weeks at a time, couple of days, maybe three days at the most. and sometimes my little 7-year-old comes with me, but it is hard. when they were little, they came with me everywhere. >> but once they are in school, yeah. >> that's been adjustment the last couple of years, especially once they got into high school. >> they don't want to go on the road anymore. they don't want to know your name. bye! >> do they listen to your music, are they into it? >> they are sweet about it. they do listen to it. they have some of it on their ipods and whatever. >> sure. >> they've got their favorites. >> you're nominated for another cma award. you're always nominated for something. it's interesting, there are new crops of singers that come and go, but you're always in the group. they have taylor swiss. miranda lambert. >> you're like the new reba. >> thank you. cross my fingers. still, you know, on the list this year. people say does that get old,
2:22 am
are you kidding me? it's so amazing to be included. that's one of the toughest categories every year. >> it must be great when you tour, because you're inspiring women, especially with this song, but there are women who have organized groups and started fundraisers. >> as a result of a song you sang. >> absolutely. i've gotten into a group called team martina. which i'm really proud of. there they are. they have networked through the internet all over the united states and ended up -- they have a grant for t.j. martell in my name that they are raising money for. i think they are up to $23,000. >> you're kidding! >> it goes on from a song. from a story, one person's story. >> you really did a great thing with this song and your whole career. you always inspire us. >> next time you have to sing, sorry. >> next time we promise to bring tequila, that's her drink. >> i was wondering. >> sorry, sorry. >> that's the way we get through
2:23 am
our shows. >> great to see you. >> good luck on the country music awards november 1nd. get ready for the fuzzy photos that are going to make you say -- what the what? right after this. but today...( sfx: loud noise of large metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mike's being healthy and chewing like a man. introducing one-a-day vitacraves for men!
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look at all those photos that make you do a double take and make you say what the what? sara sifted through the pictures you sent in and is here with this week's top picks. we are on the edge of our seat. >> we can't wait. >> here we go again. first photo from laura ann luck from washington, d.c. cease funeral home. >> oh, wow. it's just a little bit literal. the only thing worse would have been the end funeral home. but that is the family's name is cease. >> i'm sure they are lovely people. >> yeah. maybe an unfortunate last name. this photo was submitted from madison, wisconsin.
2:28 am
they are installing this presently by each of your dressing rooms. sometimes you just need a little warning. >> picnic area? that's cute actually. that's adorable. >> that happened. better safe than sorry. next up, a photo from ellen jill from bluffton, ohio. he was going to go either way, criminal or a cop. we knew it was coming, here we go. >> i'd vote for him. >> another perfect last name for a job. elizabeth nelson from chicago, illinois. sent us this photo. got poop, we scoop. there is nothing on here that is not funny. number one in the number two business. 888-poop-watch. then the license kind of says it all, ruff job. >> that's great, that's great. >> i bet those people are fun in a cocktail party. >> do you know how distracted you'd be driving behind him? finally, tina palmer from newcastle, washington, submitted this photo.
2:29 am
it wasn't such a happy halloween. >> that is great. that is perfect. perfect. let's leave it where it is. >> no, stop talking. it's perfect. and stop. >> hoda -- kathie lee -- >> focus. >> four in a row, honey. leave it at that. it's a bit of a miracle. >> if you have a picture, send it in. sara will look through it. send photos to >> all righty, keep them guessing, everybody. we'll unlock secrets to being an ageless beauty. and jill martin is going to help save you from embarrassment. and artist tony bennett. >> tony bennett is here? >> after your local news. ♪
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we're back with today's style and everything you need in case of a fashion emergency. >> from a sippy cup for wine, shoes that go from day to night in a flash. jill martin is here with the goods. >> hello. i stole your purse. >> yes, you did. >> from your room. and in it next to the neck thing is a glass of wine. >> that is -- >> that's wine storage. can't dump it upsidedown, but if you go like this -- >> you have no idea. >> if you open it -- >> just pop it? >> yeah, when you open it, it's a wine glass. >> that is great. >> can you sip it? >> i am so excited! >> is that fantastic? scandalous? standalous. >> i love it, love it. >> $15. this is our idea of a fashion emergency. okay, these heels have reinvented themselves. they go chameleon heels from 1 1/2 inch to 3 1/4 inch. this is a nighttime look and then daytime.
2:33 am
>> cool! here's the 1 1/2 inch, 3/4. >> pretty darn awesome. >> day to night? >> darn awesome. >> these are a way to design your own heels to customize your shoes. $88. you can pick your heel height and the width of your shoe. if you want a different permutation. >> did you say permutation? >> yes. $88, you can customize your shoes. >> this is a little mist and it will take off your nail polish. just put it on your nail. we were having sara model this. >> you don't have to do that. >> i will. it will take off all your nail polish. it's a mitt. this is funny, do you like my cuff bracelet? >> yes, very much. >> i'm out, i want to put my
2:34 am
hair up, from goodies for $5. bracelets $5 to $10 and this is a necklace that becomes a headband. >> very cute! >> isn't that cute? >> goody always has good stuff. >> good for goody. >> 49 to $79. so i have a scarf on, i go to a concert. i need my glasses, where are they? i'm at "scandalous," where are my glasses? >> that's really smart. >> put lip gloss, keys. >> my pen. >> credit card. >> that's a great idea. >> doesn't look like there's stuff in there. >> isn't it great? and you can wear it also as a shawl. >> nice! >> then it comes with, for $10, the watch. >> you forgot your blush. >> okay, this i love. this is this is a suitcase that smooshes down, lift it up, then you're packed when traveling. >> carry on.
2:35 am
>> isn't that fabulous? >> wow. that's really smart. >> isn't that great? >> who wants to put stuff in drawers anyway? just do that. >> when you go away to hotels and put stuff in the drawers, i think about it. >> never would have thought of such a thing. >> then this is new, this is for our boys who travel with a lot of baseball hats and don't want them to get smooshed. >> do guys have that many? >> i don't trust a guy like that. >> how many, one, two, three? >> that would be jason with all of his. we could give that to jason. >> you know who loves this? jude law. >> makes me wonder about him. i'm sorry. brilliant actor. but he hides his cap. we don't judge around here. we just think it's weird. the accidental housewife. helps us. great game after this. >> look at her. she's at it again. >> a little too much energy for me. >> is that a rake? >> yeah. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up.
2:36 am
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enjoy the beautiful fall foliage while you can. very soon you're going to be raking up those beautiful leaves on your front lawn and tackling other chores. >> here is the accidental housewife and featured columnist for parent and child magazine, ms. julie edelman. you're back and putting us back to work. >> tips and tools to help you save time, money, and your manicure. these are very fashionable from garden girl. they are terrific for outdoors, plus these little boots. >> i love the boots. >> these will, also, take care of your pedicure. of course you can wear those in air raids. >> a few things to think about when you're doing your leaves. never a windy day, never after rain. you really don't have to do it all that often. once the grass stops growing, of course, i'm sure you're there with a measuring stick. during that season, the lawn mowers are mulching. when you do get to it, the wide areas are important, not under
2:41 am
trees or bushes, because they self compost. >> not under trees or bushes. >> i love these two rakes. you really look comfortable doing this. you want one with a comfy handle like this. it prevents blisters. along with -- am i in your way? >> mm-hmm. >> these are -- stop. all right, these are our next thing. those are true temper, by the way. >> these are very cool. i love these. >> these are a claw-tree rake, by the way. both under $16. drop your rake. >> you know, please is a nice word. >> very busy day. use these as cymbals if you like, but the real thing is the claws. look how easily they lift up. >> i have cleavage. i don't think i should do it. >> give the prisoners a little something, hoda. >> it protects you there. all right, what is great about these, these are called leaf claws, okay, they are only
2:42 am
$6.99. you can get them at walmart. while you continue to do this. >> we're sick of this. >> these are great, dissolved leaf bag. what's great about these they are a pop up you put inside. these are corn resin. come postable corn resin. >> cord or corn? >> corn. c-o-r-n. they hold more than most. >> look how smart that is! >> wow! >> so much more fascinating than normal. >> comes with a handle that usually stays on. then drag it. >> fantastic. >> what's great here too is the fact they will dry out. some bags the moisture seeps in. >> plastic. >> get your mind out of the gutter, all right? come on over. this is not to hook you. this is great. this is called a gutter clutter buster. what's cool about it is you have to go on ladders. there's no spraying.
2:43 am
you attach it to a 2.5-inch wet vac, just like so. watch this. right out of there. you want to get rid of these, because you don't want ice there or moisture underneath. there you go. >> it's working! that's great. >> isn't that good? >> i love stuff like that. >> i know you do. >> it comes with extensions. >> you can do your hair. >> you can do your hair. >> silly, so silly. >> candy cane for the holidays. >> let's clean the windows, shall we? >> clean the windows, okay, two things. you want to look for cracks. anything getting in, make sure that's not happening. this is very simple, it's airtight. just caulk it, push it right in there. within a couple hours, it's dry, you can paint over it. simple, under $3. all right, you want to wash your windows, okay? this may look dangerous, ladies, but it's not.
2:44 am
you can use an squegge but this is really cool. this is a spray and wash. get it at lowe's. $19.99. it's a power washer. obviously, we can't do this. first with water, then a water and mixture. i like using, as you know, use vinegar. >> you love your vinegar! >> vodka, vodka. >> don't waste it. >> a shot for you and a shot for your windows. then dry it, use coffee filters instead of newspaper. >> say good-bye. >> coke? cola. isn't that crazy? >> go back and forth. >> i know it. >> then you want to be sure, not the newspaper, you would pick a really good cover for the winter months. >> thank you. good stuff, julie. coming up, unlocking the secrets for looking younger than you are. >> really? >> right after this. at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes
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let's face it, most of us would like to look younger than we actually are, but dressing too young for your age or wrong makeup can have the opposite effect. >> christine will show you the right wardrobe to create an ageless style of your very own. our old friend. talk about ageless. >> way back. >> there are some things we can learn from. >> absolutely. you know, it's a wonderful time to be ageless, and it just starts with your clothes and your makeup. i've got some wonderful examples to show you. >> it's the ageless way and the older way. >> aging is what you don't want to do. we're going to start with a very classic look. that's from lands end. this is something you would see kate middleton wear. she is ageless. >> she's, what, 32? >> she is ageless the way she dresses. >> yeah, yeah. >> laura hutton, sharon osbourne, they are ageless women. one thing you have to have is a great smile. one thing aging going to a
2:50 am
vintage store, buying wonderful sweaters and dresses, but you know what, on us, looks like we dusted it out of the back of our closet. >> it looks like we never got rid of them. i don't know if you saw these colorful jeans, kate middleton wore them. she can wear anything. but for grown-up girls, you have to wear black or classic denim. they are ageless. i have on these jeans, lee jeans, they fit, they stretch, they are comfortable. >> you want to look good, not ridiculous. >> that's what does it. >> let's talk glasses. >> that's a tough one. ? a lot of women when their eyesight goes they don't want to wear glasses. >> there's so much to choose from now. >> glasses are my favorite accessory, they have so much personality. again, these are aging, too trendy. the glitter on them, the shape. these are ageless. >> what about aviators? >> they droop your face. the ageless, like this one is wonderful because it's classic. anybody could wear it. you don't want anything that has a big name on it.
2:51 am
something soft with color. this is my personal favorite. i love a little bit of personality with glasses. you can go personality, just don't go glitzy and retro. >> don't look like dame edna. >> shoes! >> shoes, okay, perfect for kim kardashian, perfect for kim kardashian, she looks great in them. we won't be able to walk in them. >> what should we wear? >> we'll look silly. >> classics, these wonderful little bootsies. >> michael kors. so great. remember when we tied our scarves square and wore lace? this is aging, it looks like it came off your sofa. scarves today are soft, they are long. you can wrap them around, they are soft and flattering. these are beautiful. sarah stewart and dny, they are affordable and great way to get color by your face. nylons, don't wear lacy nylons or purple legs.
2:52 am
nobody wants purple legs. nudes, blacks. if you want to have some personality, wear some socks under your pants. then when you cross your leg, you see polka dot. makeup. christie brinkley does it well. less is best as you get older. too much makeup really ages you. >> gets in your cracks, so to speak. >> i love these sparkle shadows. they look so pretty in the jars. on your face, no sparkle, not too much shine. not a creamy, heavy base at all. i love tinted moisturizers. spa and spf. i wear it all the time. she has a moisturizer and primer. >> we've held that up for our favorite thing before. >> got to keep your teeth white. no dark beverages. clear beverages. >> start tomorrow. >> thanks for letting us know that. >> we're saying just to that one. >> yes to this one. >> great to see you again, christine. he's up next to sing an all-time classic.
2:53 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ wait till you see that sunshine day you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ . for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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♪ the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. ♪ >> tony bennett is an entertainment icon, winner of 17 grammy awards and still going strong. his latest album is called "viva
2:57 am
duet." >> it's his third duet project this time featuring top latin recording artists. >> here's our tony crooning a song he first released in 1961 "the best is yet to come." have a great weekend, everybody. see y'all at "scandalous." ♪ out of the tree of life i just picked me a plum ♪ ♪ you came along and everything started to hum ♪ ♪ still it's real good beat ♪ the best is yet to come ♪ the best is yet to come and won't that be fine ♪ ♪ you think you've seen the sun but you ain't seen it shine ♪ ♪ wait till the warm-up is under way ♪
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♪ wait till our lips have met ♪ wait till you see that sunshine day ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪ the best is yet to come and baby won't that be fine ♪ the best is yet to come ♪ come the day that you're mine ♪ ♪ i'm gonna teach you to fly ♪ we've only tasted wine ♪ we're gonna drain that cup dry ♪ you think you've flown but you ain't left the ground. ♪ wait till you're locked in my
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embrace ♪ ♪ wait till i draw you near ♪ wait till you see that sunshine ♪ ♪ ain't nothing like it here ♪ the best is yet to come and won't that be fine ♪ ♪ the best is yet to come, come the day you're mine ♪ ♪ out of the tree of life i just picked me a plum ♪ >> get ready for something "extra." >> "extra, extra!." >> bracing for frankenstorm, the worst hurricane in 100 years ready to pound new york. >> devastating and historic. >> the mega million dollar star mansions in sandy's path and the terrifying what ifs in this mansions in sandy's path and the terrifying what ifs in this weather channel simulation.

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